Pterygium Removal Surgery: Sutureless

Pterygium Removal surgeryA pterygium is an eye condition that results in the growth of abnormal tissue on the surface of the cornea (the transparent window on the front surface of the eye). This is not a malignant condition. Pterygia typically occur on the inner part of the eye and commonly affect patients that live in sunny climates or work outdoors. It is believed that long-term exposure to UV rays contribute to the growth of pterygia. Therefore, we advise patients to use UV protected sunglasses outdoors.

Patients may experience chronic eye irritation, redness, or decreased vision as a result of this condition. If the pterygium enlarges and interferes with central vision or causes chronic irritation, a surgery can be performed to remove this abnormal tissue. The traditional method of surgery is to remove this tissue and suture a membrane (conjunctival autograft or amniotic membrane graft) to the bed of the defect on the white part of the eye. However, newer techniques using a fibrin adhesive rather than sutures can accomplish the same result with greater comfort for the patient. Pterygium surgery is performed in an out-patient setting.

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